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Understanding Deliverance

Entomology of the word "Deliverance"

The Charge Against Israel

Hosea 4:1-6

1  Hear the word of the Lord, you Israelites, because the Lord has a charge to bring against you who live in the land:  "There is no faithfulness, no love, no acknowledgement of God in the land.

2  There is only cursing, Lying and murder, stealing and adultery; they break all bounds, and bloodshed follows bloodshed. 

3  Because of this the land dries up, and all who live in it waste away; the beasts of the field, the birds in the sky and the fish in the sea are swept away.

4  "But let no one bring a charge, let no one accuse another, for your people are like those who bring charges against a priest.

5  You stumble day and night, and the prophets stumble with you.  So I will destroy your mother-

6  my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.


Definition:  Action of setting free in the physical or spiritual sense.


The Old Elnglish osanna, via Latin and Greek from Hebrew hosha'na, is probalby a shortening of the word hoshi'ah-nna, which translated means "save, we pray."

Psalms 118:25 in NIV reads "O Lord, save us; O Lord, grant us success."

What this breaks down into for hoshi'ah-nna is this: from the imperative of, or unavoidable or required part of y-sh- (which translates into Yeshua, "salvationdeliverance and welfare") plus the emphatic particle -na (meaining, na is the small part of the word spoken with emphasis).

This word is originially an appeal for deliverance, and appeal to be saved, or an appeal to be set free.  This word is used as an ascription of praise.  The meaning of the word ascribe is to accredit or to assign as to a cause, source or origin.  The word praise means to give warm commendation and admiration to, or to exalt, and to worship.  The definition of welfae is assistance given to people in need.  This would mean that when we lift our voices as the people did in Matthew 21:9, we are appealing to Jesus!

Hosanna = Yeshua = Jesus

Ascription = Praise

This would mean when we say hosanna what we are really saying in so many words is that "Jesus you are the source of our salvation.  You are the origin of our deliverance.  We give you honor and praise."


Now that you have a better understanding of, or a better knowledge of what deliverance is we can move forward into the next subject of "Types of Deliverances."  


"Types of Deliverances" will be updated soon.

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