A Church With A Vison
A Church With A Vison
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Conquer Strongmen & Demon Possession

by Dr. Castile Colbert Jr.

by Dr. Castile Colbert Jr.

Christians often believe that once they are saved that they shouldn't have any more spiritual battles, trials and tribulations.  But it's just the opposite; the battle has just begun!


What is the reason for this Spiritual Warfare?


Satan dispatches all of his demons, or strongmen, to wage his ware fare against Christians because they are now on the winning side.


So what are Strongmen?  


How do you recognize them in spiritual warfare?


In this book, Dr. Colbert Jr. shows you how to recognize the many strongmen that battle against us daily.  Here's one example:


Chapter 25: How to recognize the Vexation Spirit.....


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